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Hallmark offers refining services on silver flake, CRCs, TMT sludge and resins. Hauling services of both liquid and solid precious metal bearing waste is available in the Pacific Northwest. Witnessed, certified destruction of electronic scrap is available at our facility. Graphic Arts, X-Ray and C-41film ends are accepted for processing. Complete Hazardous Waste Manifesting and Labeling of shipments can be completed from your waste profile. Our Washington State Certified Laboratory can test samples for silver, gold and pH. Environmental Compliance Consulting and system design services are available.

Refining and Precious Metal Reclamation

  • Breakage
  • Communication Wire
  • Circuit Boards
  • Tin/lead boards
  • Copper Laminate
  • Misc. Aluminum, copper, tin, nickel
  • Electrolytic flake
  • Litho Film
  • Monitors, CPU's Keyboards, Printers
  • Solder Dross
  • Medical and Industrial X-Ray
  • Mirror Metal
  • Bead Blast
  • Chips and IC's
  • Gold Pins and Plated Parts
  • Processor Chips
  • Gold and Silver solutions
  • Jewelry Scrap
  • Placer Gold
  • Ceramic and plastic parts/lead frames
  • Wipes/filters/solids/wafers on tape (for incineration)
  • Silicon and Gallium Arsenate wafers
  • Resins
  • Gold, platinum, palladium, silver targets
  • ceramic crucibles
  • router dust
  • Au, Pt, P, A cathodes
  • gold Trim
  • Coin Silver
  • Silver Cartridges and Canisters
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel scrap


Refining Services

    Electrolytic Flake
    Flake silver from Electrolytic Silver Recovery units is processed and refined with quick payment and a variety of payment options. Shipping buckets are supplied and quantity pricing is available

    Chemical Recovery Cartridges
    All brands of CRCs are processed for silver reclamation and disposal. Each CRC is individually processed and assayed to provide accurate returns or may be processed in batches for economy.

    Ion Exchange Resins
    Terminal wash water treatment and regenerated (In Situ) ion resins are processed for silver reclamation and legal disposal.

    Hallmark Columns
    Both Polyethylene and Fiberglass Waste water, Tailing, and Primary columns (CRC) may be individually processed and assayed for effective tracking and return allocation or may be processed in batches for economy.

    TMT and Filters
    TMT sludge and filters from batch and automated systems processed and assayed for effective tracking and return allocation. Top

Hazardous Waste Manifesting and Labeling

    The proper creation of Hazardous Waste Manifests is done on our computerized system with the appropriate labels. Assistance in obtaining a waste profile is available if needed. Support for annual reports is provided. Top

Hauling Services

    Liquid Waste
    Hallmark trucks can pickup liquid and precious metals bearing waste for treatment and disposal in Washington, Oregon and Idaho

    Certified Witnessed Destruction
    Scrap material from Electronics Manufacturing, Gold CDs, film and other sensitive materials are shredded and processed while your representative watches. A certificate of destruction is provided.

    Scrap Film
    Purged X-Ray, litho, green film and C-41 film ends are bought and processed for silver reclamation and proper disposal.

    Small Quantity Generator solution hauling services in Puget Sound and Portland, OR area allows for zero discharge and safe handling. Top

Sample Testing & Assay Lab

    Our Washington State Certified Laboratory offers Atomic Absorption testing of samples for Gold, Silver and pH at reasonable rates. Sample kits, certified for air shipment, are available for a nominal charge. Top

Environmental Compliance Consulting

    Qualified consulting on Environmental Compliance, OSHA and safety issues is available, as well as, site planning and layout consulting for silver recovery and chemical handling. Top