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TMT Systems

TMT Services for Mini Labs

Mark 1000 Specifications
Mark 1000 Operating Manual

Mark 3000 Specifications
Mark 3000 Operating Manual

Hallmark Refining offers Mini Labs a unique precipitation technology. The intent of making this technology available is to make silver recovery more efficient, economical and user friendly in areas where hauling may be the only other option to on site treatment.

Hallmark has improved upon the original Kodak SR-2000 Silver Recovery Unit and now offers a line of small and medium precipitation silver recovery units.  Our systems come in two sizes and offer:

  • Robust GRI and peristaltic pumps for accurate dosing
  • Separate individually operated compartments for precipiation chemicals, photo fixers and wash waters
  • Automatic filter change notification
  • Filter columns that can be economically shipped by Fed Ex or UPS
  • Durable roll around containment trays for convenience
  • Environmental compliance at extremely low discharge levels

TMT Services for Large Labs

TMT can be used in large labs to treat silver bearing effluent. The normal practice is to combine the tailings of paper and film electrolytic desilvering units and low flow washes. These solutions are collected in batches and processed through the Hallmark Silver Sentry TMT System. In this system, TMT is added automatically and the precipitated silver is allowed to settle. The desilvered liquid is pumped to the sewer, and the sludge is pumped into filtration bags. This process is totally automated and provides an excellent tailing system.

There are many advantages to this system. It produces low silver discharge (less than .5 ppm is possible), it eliminates iron discharge to drains and there is high income potential from the silver rich sludge (up to 35%-40% by weight). Hallmark provides the Silver Sentry Automated Control System in the following configurations:

  • 300 gallons per day treatment system
  • 500 - 850 gallons per day treatment system
  • 1500 - 2000 gallons per day treatment system