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BFX 4000 Electrolytic Silver Recovery System

The Electro BFX 4000 is designed to yield more silver, at less cost. It is ideal for Photofinishing, School Labs and large Pro Labs. This system desilvers up to 500 gallons of Bleach Fix per day with a 95%+ recovery. The Electro BFX 4000 can be configured with 2 or 4 cathodes. Hallmark's "Mark" series CRC system or HRC TMT system is recommended for tailing.

Key Benefits

  • Easy cathode removal and pivoting drive assembly makes harvesting silver simple
  • Drive bearings are above solution eliminating foot bearing corrosion problems
  • Slow cathode rotation speed reduces brush and slip ring wear
  • Easy access to cathode, bearings and brush simplifies service
  • Cathode designed for outer surface plating only - nonconductive coatings are not required
  • Filtered DC power supply assures even plating
  • 1,000 amp "Constant Current Control" power supply eliminates overloads
  • Safety fused - all pumps and auxilary circuits are individually fused
  • Remote power supply can be located up to 15 feet away from unit to eliminate corrosion and improve ease to service

Materials of Construction

  • Heavy duty 1/2" polypropylene tank and lid
  • 316 stainless steel cathode
  • Carbon anode

Add Ons

  • External Tank Package - provides 100 or 200 gallon tank and pump for collection of an isolated batch while unit is desilvering and when cycle is complete, automatically pumps in the next batch.
  • Automatic pH Adjustment System - metering pump system adds hydroxide to batch for efficient desilvering of RA chemistry.


Dimensions: 102"L x 65"W x 76"H Batch Size: 250 gallons (950 L)
Plating Capacity: BFX4000 - 12 Troy Ounces/hour BFX4004 - 24 Troy Ounces/hour Tank Capacity: 300 gallons (1140 L)
Shipping Weight: 2650 pounds Power Supply BFX4000 - 1000 amps BFX4004 - 1000 amps
Electrical Requirement: 208/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 60 amps