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BFX 1002 Electrolytic Silver Recovery System

The Electro BFX 1002 is designed to yield more silver, at less cost, while using less than 8 square feet of floor space. It is ideal for Pro Labs, Large Graphic and X-Ray Labs and small Photofinishing Labs. This system desilvers a 25 gallon batch in approximately 5 hours with a 95% recovery rate. The 1002 can be configured in a recirculated mode for "closed loop" fixer systems. Hallmark's "Mark" series CRC systems are recommended for tailing.

Key Benefits

  • Easy cathode removal and pivoting drive assembly makes harvesting silver simple
  • Drive bearings are above solution eliminating foot bearing corrosion problems
  • Slow cathode rotation speed reduces brush and slip ring wear
  • Easy access to cathode, bearings and brush simplifies silver harvesting and service
  • Equipped with EEPROM which allows storage of all user inputs for custom operation
  • Programmable features for amperages and plating times are easily viewed on the state-of-the-art digital display
  • Cathode designed for outer surface plating only - nonconductive coatings are not required
  • 80 amp "Constant Current Control" power supply assures even plating
  • Digital amp guage and timer clock simplifies batch monitoring

Materials of Construction

  • Heavy duty 1/2" polypropylene tank and lid
  • 316 stainless steel cathode
  • Carbon anode

Add Ons

  • External Tank Package - provides a 30 gallon tank and pump for collection of an isolated batch while unit is desilvering and when cycle is complete, automatically pumps in the next batch.
  • Automatic pH Adjustment System -metering pump system adds hydroxide to batch for efficient desilvering of RA chemistry.


Dimensions: 40"L x 17"W x 50"H Batch Size: 10 gallons
Plating Capacity: 2 Troy Ounces/hour Tank Capacity: 25 gallons (38 L)
External Tank (required): 25 to 50 gallons Shipping Weight: 410 pounds
Power Supply: 115 VAC, 50/60Hz, 80 amp Electrical Requirement: 115 VAC, 20 amp