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Mark 9PE Column

U.S. Patent: 4,842,644

The Hallmark Mark 9PE Column is an industry standard for pressurized silver recovery systems. It is 11" in diameter and 32" tall. The Mark 9PE contains twenty eight pounds of chopped iron fiber for the best in silver recovery. A unique method of packing, in which various grades of chopped iron fiber are layered and patented internal distribution, assures the highest volumes of throughput with excellent silver recovery performance. Tests indicate that up to 300 Troy ounces of silver can be recovered in each column. A box is provided for shipping of the used column by UPS or Fed Ex. The fitted top support has foam padding and the column has caps to provide secure shipment both ways. Used columns are returned in the same box used to ship new columns.

Key Benefits

  • The column is recycled and reused to minimize its environmental impact
  • Rugged polyethylene shell for durability
  • Quick Disconnects make column changes easy - color-coded easy installation
  • Internal distribution and packing of iron fiber maximizes silver recovery performance
  • Drain plug allows for weight reduction and reduced shipping costs
  • Used columns are securely returned in the same box used to ship new columns
  • Can be shipped by UPS or Fed Ex Ground to Hallmark Refining
  • Properly managed, the columns can maintain silver discharge levels at or below 1 ppm


  • Primary Silver Recovery for MiniLabs, Pre-Press Shops and X-Ray Processing
  • Tailing systems after Electrolytic Silver Recovery
  • Designed for pumped applications only - NOT for gravity fed systems


Column Potential Primary: 800 gallons Dry Shipping Weight: 50 pounds
Column Potential Tailing: 2000 gallons Wet Shipping Weight: 90 pounds
Recovery Efficiency as low as 0.5 ppm (mg/L) Recovery Capacity: up to 300 Troy Ounces