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Mark 5 Bucket

U.S. Patent: 4,842,644

The Mark 5 Silver Recovery System is a simple gravity fed recovery system for low volume X-Ray and Mini Labs. Two columns in a series are recommended for EPA compliance.

Key Benefits

  • Small, simple and compact with no electrical devices
  • Low cost for complete system
  • Manual pour or may be plumbed directly to processor
  • Large reservoir tank reduces spills from emptying of waste containers
  • Can be shipped UPS or Fed Ex Ground to Hallmark Refining
  • Properly managed, silver discharge levels can be maintained below 5 ppm (mg/L)


Dimensions 12"D x 34"H Processing Capacity 75 - 100 gallons
Flow Rate Adjustable - approx. 1 gallon per hour Recovery Capacity up to 20 Troy Ounces
Recovery Efficiency less than 5.0 ppm (mg/L)